[Photo by Joseph C. Topping/FlickrCC]

There could be no more critical time for the public health community in Appalachia to come together.

Political battles in Washington, D.C. threaten healthcare for thousands of low and middle income people.

The flood of opioid deaths in West Virginia has the Centres for Disease Control and other agencies reevaluating how doctors and hospitals treat pain and prescribe drugs.

In some parts of rural West Virginia, life expectancy is on par with the third world.

And all the while, rapid transitions in technology, social norms and medical practices are changing the everyday realities for our medical professionals and students trying to battle massive public health challenges.

The annual West Virginia Rural Health Conference faces these challenges head on, and brings together health experts from across the region to explore the pertinent issues of our time.

The 2017 West Virginia Rural Health Conference will be held Oct. 11 – 13 in Davis. Click here for more information, and to register.

The Early Bird Discount runs until Sept. 15, so register now.

Sessions at this year’s West Virginia Rural Health Conference include:

  • Review of CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opiates
  • Changes to ACA and Medicaid: Impact on Rural West Virginia
  • Are You Ready for MACRA?
  • Using Photovoice to Positively Impact Public Health Challenges
  • Improving Access to Care in Rural WV: How Telehealth Can Help
  • S.C.A.L.E. – One Free Clinic’s Answer to the Obesity and CVD Epidemic in West Virginia
  • Evolving Behavioral Health Partnerships in Rural West Virginia
  • Implementing the National Diabetes Prevention Program
  • The Modernization of Advance Care Planning
  • Using Community Health Workers to Deliver Better Care to High Risk Diabetes Patients a Lower Cost
  • Can Health Reform Work in Rural America?
  • Addressing the Roots and Consequences of the Opioid Epidemic in West Virginia

Learn more about the 2017 West Virginia Rural Health Conference, and register, at wvrha.org/2017-west-virginia-rural-health-conference/