You want to make your community healthier and more equitable. And we want to help you do just that.  Ultimately, that’s what Clinical Scholars is all about—equipping teams of clinicians with the skills, tools, and network they need to create real change in their community.

Applications for Clinical Scholars will open in January of 2018.

Here are THREE things you can start thinking about (or doing!) now to help you get ready to apply.

  1. THE PROBLEM: Think about the “wicked problem” in your community that you would like to address. Perhaps it’s a new problem you recently uncovered. Or, it could be something you’ve been challenged by for years and needed the extra incentive (and support) to really tackle.
  2. YOUR TEAM: Now, who should be on your team? Clinical Scholars is for interdisciplinary teams of two to five clinicians from a wide range of clinical fields and practices.
  3. YOUR REFERENCES: Finally, each team member will need to submit two letters of reference from a supervisor or mentor who can reflect on the applicant’s initiative, ability to relate to and work with teams, and potential for leadership growth. Who can submit your references?

Stay tuned for more information! Over the next few months, we’ll be providing periodic updates to keep you up to speed with important deadlines, helpful webinars, and tips to complete a successful application.