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By Constance Sjoquist/HealthCare Dive

It will come as no surprise that the healthcare ecosystem is disorganized and increasingly destabilizing.

Key stakeholders have made countless claims that healthcare is broken. Payers, providers, employers, government, pharma, startups and investors have competing interests, priorities and methods of working.

Three steps that healthcare stakeholders can take to drive healthcare transformation.

There is much discussion about the innovation and transformation that needs to materialize, as the necessary collaboration amongst stakeholders to achieve this is rare.

There is no one magic bullet to revolutionize the industry, but there are strategies that can result in significant change.

Following are three steps that healthcare stakeholders – and the industry collectively – can take to drive healthcare transformation:

1. Learn from other industries
Healthcare lags in comparison to other industries when it comes to integrating and deploying innovative technologies. To catch up, healthcare must take pages out of other industry playbooks, particularly the playbooks that finance, travel and retail have used to radically change and improve the way they operate…

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