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This October’s West Virginia Rural Health Conference continues to build as one of the most significant in its 26 year history, coming at a pivotal time for the state and its people.

Still two months out from the conference and it is already almost a sell out. Just 79 seats remain.

On September 15 the early bird discount expires, and ticket prices will jump from $250 to $300. Register now to ensure you don’t miss out on this crucial gathering of West Virginia’s health leaders, advocates, students and community champions.

With the eyes of the world on how West Virginia will respond to the health challenges currently plaguing the state, this year’s West Virginia Rural Health Conference is dedicated to unearthing and supporting transformative, game-changing ideas that push the needle on health outcomes.

“The onus is on West Virginia’s health professionals, students, educators, community advocates and leaders to generate the ideas and solutions that will lead to real and lasting community change,” WVRHA Executive Director Debrin Jenkins said this week.

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