The Alzheimer’s Association is recruiting primary care practice teams to participate in The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care ECHO Program, that connects specialist teams with primary care practices via video conference to collaborate in case based learning. We feel this is a great opportunity to integrate education on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia into your primary care setting.

The Alzheimer’s Association is committed to contributing to a dramatic increase in the accurate and timely diagnosis of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s, and significantly increasing the number of people who receive affordable, high-quality care and support. However, we can not do this without our partners, such as yourselves. Together, we can accomplish this commitment to all of our patients and families affected in WV.

We are recruiting practice teams to join the next series. Attendees include a lead clinician, (physician or NP) as well as other care team members (e.g., PA, social workers, care coordinators, medical assistants, etc.) who manage patients with ADRD in your practice setting. We ask that participants attend regularly, engage in discussions, and present de identified patient cases from their clinics.

You only need broadband/WiFi access and a webcam to participate! The 12 session program runs every other Thursday, from 12-pm CST, beginning May 9, 2019.

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care ECHO Program, hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association, is an innovative distance – learning model to build workforce capacity and improve access to specifically care in local communities. Using web-based video conferencing technology, expert multidisciplinary specialist teams and community-based primary care practice teams come together in regularly scheduled collaborative learning sessions to participate in case-based discussions and brief didactic presentations. Content experts mentor and teach and providers retain responsibility for their patients’ care, fostering an “all teach, all learn” environment.