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West Virginians for Affordable Health Care is reminding all West Virginians that the deadline to enroll in your 2019 health insurance plan is fast approaching!

Open enrollment for 2019 plans is now underway, and ends December 15.

Go to healthcare.gov to enroll in a comprehensive health care coverage plan.

However, you should be aware that short term plans that offer little coverage, discriminate based on your medical history, and have life time limits are being sold. These plans may be cheaper, but do not meet the Affordable Care Act requirements for a comprehensive plan, and can leave you without the coverage that you and your family needs.

Here are seven problems consumers could face under a short-term plan:

  1. Short-term plans leave consumers without adequate coverage to meet their health needs because they may not cover essential health benefits.
  2. Preexisting condition exclusions and denials are the norm for short-term policies.
  3. The insurer could retroactively cancel (rescind) a short-term policy if you get sick with a previously undisclosed health condition; even if you didn’t know you had the condition.
  4. Short-term plans can price older people and less healthy people out of the market because they are allowed to charge much higher rates for them.
  5. Short-term insurers can make high profits at enrollees’ expense while offering very little protection in return.
  6. Short-term insurance sales can undermine the market for comprehensive coverage.
  7. Short-term plans puts consumers at risk of incurring medical debt because they don’t necessarily cover critical services that can be very expensive.

Here’s more information from FamiliesUSA on the pitfalls of short term plans.

Understand your plan before you buy. Talk to a local navigator to ensure that you are getting the plan that is best for you and your family.

West Virginians for Affordable Health Care can help you find a local navigator with their Assister List, here.