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Supporting the next generation of health professionals and leaders is what inspires everyone at the West Virginia Rural Health Association.

It’s why we are always looking for new ways to engage with students and young health advocates. We know that West Virginia’s ability to overcome the pressing health challenges of today will depend on whether we can foster a strong and innovative public health workforce of talented professionals committed to rural people in this state.

People like Quintin Brubaker.

Quintin, who is currently studying medicine at West Virginia University, is the latest student to join WVRHA’s Board of Directors.

Having undergone medical training and study in three states across the region, he sees a need to evolve the way we think about health care and the role of traditional health care providers.

“The solution to many of the challenges will be not simply to provide more health care in the clinics and hospitals, but to find ways that communities can transform themselves with new models of health promotion, making changes that can be sustained,” he says.

“We’ll have to not only train and attract more health care workers, but also to ensure that our health care workforce is ready and able to fully engage the public about the urgency of these problems, and provide leadership in the context of community-driven health change.”

“The solution to many of the challenges will be to find ways that communities
can transform themselves with new models of health promotion.”

For Quintin, being a member of WVRHA is all about building those critical connections that will one day guide his career.

“Becoming involved with WVRHA is a way to complement my training as a clinician, and engage with an organization of people and institutions allied in pursuit of practical solutions to the state’s urgent health goals.”

If you are ready to be part of the coming generation of change in West Virginia, becoming a member of the West Virginia Rural Health Association is a great place to start.

Student memberships are just $10. Sign up now at

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