The Center’s Wild, Wonderful & Healthy WV (WWHWV) initiative is in the midst of conducting a series of four local capacity-building training’s that provide the strategies, skills and tools needed to work across sectors in the community to develop a collaborative Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) that reduces health disparities and improves the economic viability in communities.

The third of these training’s will be held in September in each of the Regional Coaching Hubs and is open to established core teams that have attended the previous WWHWV Community Health Improvement training’s:

With a focus on Developing Your CHIP and Sustainability of Your Partnership, this training will focus on the using the data gathered through the Community Health Needs Assessment to identify high priority issues and begin development of a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Each participant will leave the training with an understanding of what is included in a CHIP and the tools needed to help develop a CHIP.

Future regional training’s will help advance your community health improvement work. Training #4 (December/January 2019/2020) will discuss how to implement your CHIP through action planning and how to move your coalition’s work forward. Following this fourth training the Coaching Hub training’s will begin to feature evidence-based strategies to move your action plans forward, whether you identify childhood obesity, healthy foods, transportation, physical activity or other social determinants of health to address in your community.

Regardless of your community’s past experiences with community health improvement planning, the model of change used throughout the Wild, Wonderful, and Health WV is designed to be adapted by each community so that they can use it to build on the successes that they have already had and expand the collaborative partnerships that may already be in place.

For more information about the training, click on the event linked above or contact The Center for Rural Health Development at 304-397-4071.