West Virginia Health Data Portal


The West Virginia Rural Health Association’s Health Data Portal is the number one online resource in the nation for datasets and visualizations exploring West Virginia’s health statistics, workforce resources, health outcomes, services and facilities.

With more than 300 data sets and visualizations, the Health Data Portal is a powerful tool to help inform West Virginia Rural Health stakeholders, citizens, policy and decision-makers on where and how their health care demands are affecting the state.

This information can be used to demonstrate current health provider distribution relative to a health outcome, the economic impact of health care shortages within a community, trends in children in poverty, low birthweight babies, minority health, drug overdoses by county, resources for treatment and mental health services, and transit services to name a few.

The West Virginia Rural Health Association began publishing a supply and demand analysis report in 2012. But we soon identified a need to provide this information in an interactive, one-stop shop.

This led to our contracting with the National Center for the Analysis of Healthcare Data (NCAHD) to develop the West Virginia Health Data Portal.

The West Virginia Rural Health Association has made the commitment to update information annually, and add new data to the portal.

Member Benefits

Full access to the Health Data Portal is a benefit for individual and organizational members of the West Virginia Rural Health Association. While we do provide broad levels of data to all interested health professionals, educators, students and policy makers, only individual and organizational members have access to zip code level and, in some instances, individual point level of health data contained in the site, allowing a highly defined analysis in specific areas.

Tutorial Guide

View our tutorial guide to help you get the most out of the Health Data Portal.