Recipients of a West Virginia Rural Health Award are chosen through a nomination process and will be awarded at the West Virginia Rural Health Conference Annual Awards Luncheon on October 18, 2018, at 12:30 p.m. at Pipestem State Park Resort.

These awards are granted to individuals or organizations deserving of recognition for their rural health efforts in West Virginia.

In addition, the awards may be granted to an individual in a non-health related position, who has carried out exemplary work in promoting health in rural areas; i.e., a physical education teacher who has adopted a unique approach to addressing physical inactivity within their classroom; a minister or faith-based person leading a healthy lifestyle program with a rural congregation; or a private entrepreneur who developed a unique software/app to impact healthy behaviors.

Deadline for nominations is Monday, September 3, 2018.

WVRHA Outstanding Rural Health Student

This award recognizes a health profession student from a school in West Virginia who intends to practice in a rural area of West Virginia after graduation.

This student will have demonstrated her/his interest in rural health by participating in rural community-based projects, rural clinical experiences and other significant and/or unique rural health activities and projects.

This honor includes $1,000 cash award.

WVRHA Outstanding Rural Health Provider

This award recognizes a direct service provider (inclusive of all disciplines) for provision of outstanding care, community involvement, leadership and lasting contributions to health care in rural West Virginia.

WVRHA Excellence in Rural Health (Individual)

This award recognizes an individual who is dedicated to finding ways to improve rural health care for West Virginians.

This person will have shown creativity, compassion and cooperation in her/his approach to addressing rural health care issues.

WVRHA Excellence in Rural Health (Organization or Program)

This award recognizes an organization, program or group that has addressed rural health issues with innovative approaches.

These nominees will have contributed to improved access to rural healthcare services in West Virginia through outreach, preventive health and education, quality care, community involvement and other aspects of rural health.

This honor includes a $500 cash award.