WVHAMP is a free, in-person and tele-mentoring partnership designed for primary care providers to link with disease experts for hepatitis C training. WVHAMP is designed to build a mentorship platform that is accessible to primary care providers caring for high-risk individuals throughout West Virginia, so that individuals with chronic hepatitis C can be cared for and cured in their own community

WVHAMP Course Goals

  • Recruit primary care providers practicing in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), hospitals, and rural community clinics in high-risk communities throughout West Virginia.
  • Establish a primary care workforce trained by hepatitis C experts to screen, diagnose, treat, and follow up with the goal of curing persons with chronic hepatitis C infection throughout West Virginia, including high-risk, rural, and low-resource settings.
  • Remove barriers to care for individuals diagnosed with hepatitis C.
  • Increase the number of West Virginians living with hepatitis C who are successfully linked to care and cured.

WVHAMP Course Objectives

  • Understand strategies to identify persons with chronic hepatitis C infection.
  • Understand hepatitis C epidemiology, screening, diagnosis, management, treatment, cure and prevention.
  • Understand the burden of hepatitis C infection in high risk groups in West Virginia and throughout the Appalachian Region.
  • Understand staging of liver disease and hepatitis C counseling and transmission risks.
  • Understand recent and evolving changes to West Virginia’s Medicaid Program and how these changes impact viral hepatitis treatment in West Virginia.
  • Understand how the increase in hepatitis C infection is related to the growing opioid epidemic in West Virginia and the U.S.
  • Have knowledge of injection drug use and describe the ways to enhance access to hepatitis C screening and treatment services for substance users.
  • Understand the infrastructure necessary to support hepatitis care, treatment and cure in primary care settings.
  • Identify screening for hepatitis C during pregnancy and the potential for perinatal transmission.
  • Understand procedures for screening, testing, treatment and cure of babies born to mothers with hepatitis C infection.

What is Expected

  • Participants will make a commitment to participate in WVHAMP trainings for at least 12 months.
  • Interested providers apply to attend the WVHAMP day-long in-person Cycle 1 training. Free hotel accommodation is available the night before the initial training session.
  • After the Cycle 1 training, complete the follow-up evening WVHAMP Educational Webinars every 2 months. Providers will present challenges and patient cases to their peers and WVHAMP Mentorship Team for feedback and guidance
  • Complete the half-day WVHAMP Cycle 2 training. Participating providers will receive additional hepatitis C training.
  • Complete the WVHAMP Hepatitis Consultation Form for each patient that has been fully evaluated and fax the form to WVHAMP’s Secure Cloud Fax line.
  • Mentors review the Consultation Form, advise on the proposed treatment regimen and approve the treatment plan.
  • Mentors provide backup for complex cases as needed.
  • Participants will be provided an annual membership to the West Virginia Rural Health Association.
  • Participants will have access to WVHAMP training materials/tool kit both as hard copy and on the West Virginia Rural Health Association website via a designated link..
  • WVHAMP planners have applied for Continuing Education Credits for participation.

At the completion of WVHAMP, providers will be awarded a WVHAMP Scholar Certificate.

WVHAMP training event dates

WVHAMP II Half-Day Trainings

Half day training will be registered for privately and is required for completion after each full day training
Next half day training — November 9th, 2021