Hepatitis C – The Silent Epidemic!


We hear from thousands of individuals with Hepatitis C, often with similar questions. This Research & Treatment News update addresses a common misconception about the absence of symptoms.

In the case where Hepatitis C symptoms disappear, it is mistakenly assumed that the virus is gone. If this were only true! The liver is an extremely resilient organ, however, even though symptoms may vanish, the Hepatitis C virus could be gaining strength and growing.

Hepatitis C can progress to more serious forms of chronic liver disease with no indication of symptoms. Therefore, it is no wonder Hepatitis C is known as the silent epidemic.

This is why it is so important that anyone at risk be tested AND for those with Hepatitis C to protect and support their liver through diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes, regardless of their symptoms.

Much more information on liver protection will be provided in future updates. In the meantime, please check out a complete archive of in-depth articles, at HepatitisCentral.com.