Annual Rural Health Conference

Annual Rural Health Conference

May 16-19, 2023 San Diego, Calif.


Your chance to speak in San Diego

Each year, more than 200 individuals present over 85 concurrent educational sessions, 20 research papers and up to 100 research and educational posters at NRHA’s annual events, constituting the nation’s largest, most inclusive rural health conference.

Any person with an interest in rural health is invited to submit session proposals by Aug. 18 or original research by Jan. 12 for presentation during the 2023 conferences.

We’ll see you seaside

Join NRHA and rural health leaders from across the country in sunny San Diego to help raise the standard for rural health with over 80 innovative, practical, and cost-saving sessions and much more.

NRHA’s 46th Annual Rural Health Conference, 8th Rural Hospital Innovation Summit, and associated events are May 16-19 in San Diego, Calif. and our virtual environment.

Don’t miss NRHA’s Health Equity Conference and Rural Medical Education Conference occurring immediately beforehand on May 16.

“If you’re interested in actively engaging in transformational work on behalf of rural communities, NRHA’s annual events are where it’s at.” – NRHA member Peggy Wheeler

We are so excited to see everyone in San Diego this spring.

Onsite COVID Precautions

All onsite registrants and NRHA staff are required to be fully vaccinated. NRHA is following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention definition of full vaccination available here.
With your onsite registration, you certify that you are, or will be prior to the conference, fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by one of the three FDA approved vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J).
NRHA will adhere to CDC Guidelines on Masking according to their COVID-19 Community Level Tool that determines prevention steps according to threat levels. While masks are always encouraged, they will not be required except when the community threat level as determined by the CDC for Bernalillo County, New Mexico is HIGH, or if state/local mandates are imposed at the time of our conference.

Additionally, there are hand sanitizer stations throughout the public space, and all hotel and convention center staff members are following CDC masking guidelines. NRHA will inform conference participants about local testing capabilities should it be necessary during the event.

NRHA will follow onsite protocols, working closely with local public health officials. We will monitor for developments and adjust our conference protocol as needed.

Recognize COVID-19 Symptoms

The CDC has identified the following symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. If you have one or more of these symptoms on the day of the event, please do not participate. If you are waiting for COVID-19 test results or have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for or who has COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home unless you get a negative test result before the event. The COVID-19 virus and its variants are highly contagious. Event attendees acknowledge the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus, assume all such risk, and NRHA shall not be held liable. As such, all conference participants will be asked to sign a COVID-19 risk and liability waiver during registration.

Protect Our Community

Help to protect our community. Please report to NRHA if you test positive for COVID after the event such that you could have received or spread the virus at the event.

Your safety is our number one priority.


    Unfortunately, it is becoming more common for association meetings and conventions to be targeted by third-party websites and online scams. NRHA never uses a third-party booking service and registration for NRHA conferences is only possible via the online registration links found on our website.