WVCTSI Project ECHO Superhub Training Info


Until recently, training to implement the ECHO model was provided exclusively by the ECHO Institute out of the University of New Mexico. With the movement spreading quickly across the United State and the world, Superhub sites have been developed to train and support new ECHO projects since successful replication requires extensive training of an implementation team. A Superhub is an experienced ECHO partner that is authorized to provide training and technical assistance to new hubs and support them as they grow their ECHO programs. The WVCTSI Superhub serves as a training location for new ECHO Hubs on the east coast and beyond.

The WVCTSI Superhub provides the following services:

  • Outreach support and training 
  • Access to ECHO resources and tools, including the Project ECHO Resource Library in Box.com, Zoom, and iECHO
  • Ongoing support and quality assurance to ensure fidelity to the ECHO Model
  • Support to facilitate the sharing of resources and research among the MetaECHO community


If you are interested in becoming an ECHO Hub and training with the WVCTSI Superhub please click below for more information.


Partner Launch Training

If you’d like to ask us any more questions, please contact the WVCTSI Superhub Team at wvctsi_echo_superhub@hsc.wvu.edu