Reminder – HAB You Heard Webinar Special Edition: August 17

HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau Update

HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau Update



Reminder – HAB You Heard Webinar Special Edition: August 17

Please join us for the next HAB You Heard webinar on Wednesday, August 17, from 2:00-3:00 pm ET. For this special edition of the HAB monthly update, we will be joined by special guest from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Dr. John Brooks, who will provide an important monkeypox update for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) community. In addition, we will highlight the quickly approaching virtual 2022 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care & Treatment (2022 NRWC). During the webinar, we will be discussing all things 2022 NRWC, including conducting a demo of the virtual conference platform to prepare you to participate when the conference kicks off on August 23! This webinar is open to all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients, subrecipients, stakeholders, and federal staff. Registration is required to participate.

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HRSA HAB Dear Colleague Letter on Monkeypox

On August 4, HRSA HAB released a Dear Colleague Letter on monkeypox to the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) community. The letter provides guidance to RWHAP recipients on the use of RWHAP funds. RWHAP funds may be used to pay for fees associated with vaccine administration and treatment of monkeypox for eligible clients, such as medical visit costs, including personal protective equipment for staff, vaccination supplies, including co-pays and deductibles for insured clients, in accordance with Policy Clarification Notice #16-02 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services: Eligible Individuals & Allowable Uses of Funds. RWHAP providers should continue to partner with health departments and work together to address monkeypox in their communities.

HRSA also understands that since a national public health emergency for monkeypox has been declared, some RWHAP recipients, particularly state health departments, may have questions on the allowability of RWHAP staff being assigned to assist with the monkeypox outbreak while being paid with RWHAP funds. HRSA will share more information on the allowability of staff reassignment as it becomes available.

Read the program letter.

New Monkeypox Resources Webpage for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Recipients and Stakeholders

RWHAP recipients are encouraged to visit HRSA’s Monkeypox Information web page to stay up to date on the monkeypox public health emergency and access monkeypox resources, including press releases, fact sheets, and webinars and informational videos. The web page will be updated regularly as new resources and information are available.

Access the HRSA Monkeypox Information web page.

New CDC COCA Webinar Replay Available: CDC and FDA Update – Interim Clinical Considerations for Monkeypox Vaccination

The replay is now available for the August 11 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity (COCA) webinar on interim clinical considerations for monkeypox vaccination. The CDC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided updates on FDA’s emergency use authorization of the JYNNEOS vaccine.

Watch the replay.

Less Than Two Weeks Until the Virtual 2022 National Ryan White Conference: August 23-26

The virtual 2022 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care and Treatment (NRWC) will take place August 23-26. The conference is open to members of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program community, including recipients, subrecipients, stakeholders, federal employees, and people with lived experience. HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau requires that staff funded by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program attend the biennial conference.

Check out the conference agenda.

HRSA Celebrates the 32nd Anniversary of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program on August 18

August 18, marks the 32nd anniversary of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. In 1990, Congress enacted the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act—the legislation that created the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.  The Program was named after Indiana teen and AIDS advocate, Ryan White, who lost his life to AIDS in April 1990, four months before Congress passed the CARE Act. It was designed to improve the quality and availability of HIV care and treatment for low-income people with HIV. Over the last 32 years, the Program has made significant strides in improving HIV outcomes for people with HIV. Today, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program serves more than a half a million people with diagnosed HIV across the United States. 

Read more about the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

Learn more about the program’s history.

Using Clinical Quality Management to Improve HIV Care: Webinar August 15

This webinar, which takes place August 15, 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET, is designed to build understanding of clinical quality management, and how it can improve the health of those engaged in care within the HIV system of care. It is presented by the HRSA HAB-supported ELEVATE Program, conducted by NMAC.

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Next CAREWare Features in Focus Training: August 17

The Features in Focus monthly online trainings for CAREWare users are held from 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET on the third Wednesday of each month. The first 15 minutes of the training focuses on a specific CAREWare feature. The remaining time is devoted to questions.

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Quality Improvement and Implementation Science: Webinar August 18

This webinar, which takes place August 18, 4:00 – 5:00 pm ET, will define quality, quality improvement, and quality assurance; identify domains for health care quality improvement; describe the gap between research and practice; and define implementation science. It is presented by the HRSA HAB-supported Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation.

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Completing the EHE Triannual Module Recipient Report: Webinar August 31

This webinar, which takes place August 31, 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET, will feature an overview of the Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) Triannual Module. It will review step-by-step instructions for completing both the EHE Triannual Recipient Report and EHE Triannual Provider Report with additional information on the submission timeline and technical assistance resources available. Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program EHE recipients and EHE-funded providers are required to submit the EHE Triannual Report. The EHE Triannual Report will open on September 15, 2022, and is due on October 15, 2022.

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2022 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Clinical Conference: Agenda Available

Applications are being accepted for the 2022 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Clinical Conference. The meeting will be in person October 16-19, in San Diego, CA.

The agenda is now available. Learn more about the 20 sessions.

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Access the agenda.

Best Practices Compilation: Check Out Innovative Housing and Employment Interventions

Project CORE is an intervention aimed to improve health outcomes for people with HIV through the coordination of supportive employment and housing services. Through Project CORE, 39 percent of participants were placed in housing and 39 percent gained employment. Check out the Project CORE Profile within the Best Practices Compilation and submit what works in your program. It may be a solution for others.

Read the Project CORE profile.

Access the Best Practices Compilation.

Other News

CDC Resource: Clinical Considerations for Treatment and Prophylaxis of Monkeypox Virus Infection in People with HIV

This resource is intended as an aid for health care facilities and health care professionals developing plans for monkeypox virus infection treatment and prophylaxis for people with HIV. This includes the following key points:

  • People with advanced HIV or who are not virologically suppressed with antiretroviral therapy can be at increased risk of severe disease related to monkeypox virus infection.
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis is available for people exposed to monkeypox.
  • Antiviral treatments are available for people with a monkeypox infection.
  • Vaccination with JYNNEOS is considered safe for people with HIV, and antiviral treatments have few interactions with antiretroviral medications.

Access this resource.

Opportunistic Infections Prevention and Treatment Guidelines Updated: Includes New Section on Monkeypox

The latest update to federal Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections in Adults and Adolescents with HIV has been released. It includes a new section on monkeypox.

View the guidelines.

CDC Regional HIV Prevention and Care Virtual Town Hall: August 16

The CDC’s Division of HIV Prevention (DHP) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will convene its next HIV Prevention and Care Priorities – Regional Virtual Community Engagement Town Hall on August 16, 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET. The Town Hall is for HHS Region 5 and 7. It will provide a venue for discussion and collaboration focused on barriers to and opportunities for improving HIV diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and outbreak response.

The goal of the Town Halls is to partner with community leaders and members to understand and plan for addressing the longstanding inequities that continue to contribute to severe HIV-related disparities and to work together to achieve the goals of the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE) initiative. It will also examine barriers and challenges in providing HIV prevention and care services, innovations in addressing these barriers, and critical approaches to advancing health equity. This Town Hall will focus on activities within HHS Regions 5 and 7 but is open to all to attend. Additional Town Halls will be scheduled to cover the other regions of the country.

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New HIVMA Resource Directory for HIV Clinicians and Educators

The HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA) created this resource directory for HIV clinicians and educators to help improve the delivery of HIV care and prevention. The resources include guidelines, clinical decision-making tools, continuing education opportunities, provider directories, and other resources.

View the guide. (PDF – 126KB)

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