Barbour Community Health Association is pleased to welcome Carol Everson, PA-C to Barbour Quick Care.


Barbour Community Health Association is pleased to welcome Carol Everson, PA-C to Barbour Quick Care

Barbour Community Health Association is pleased to welcome Carol Everson, PA-C to Barbour Quick Care.

Carol has invested 16 years into clinical practice as a board-certified Physician Assistant. She is an alumna of Alderson-Broaddus, where she received her Master of Science in the Physician Assistant program. She also holds certifications in injection therapy, including joint injections and trigger point injections to build her skills in pain management. She has also been certified in musculoskeletal ultrasounds.

Some of Carol’s strengths as a provider include her ability to empathize with her patients and any conditions they might be experiencing. She brings a hunger for knowledge within her position, she is always reaching and researching to build her base of medical knowledge to be able to truly explain to her patients the importance of how and why to take care of themselves based on the conditions they have.

“My career goal is to build a “tool belt” of skills that I can pull from for any case that comes to my door. I’m serious about resolving cases that come my way. I truly believe that I have been given the privilege to learn the practice of medicine and every one of us who practices should have the same goal of enhancing our patients’ life through tremendous healthcare,” says Everson.

She is passionate about working at Barbour Quick Care, because she enjoys the pace of work. She enjoys staying busy professionally and personally. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, kayaking, cooking, and volunteering on missions.


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