HIVST CSO RFP: CDC Calling for Proposals


The CDC Foundation issues requests for proposals (RFP) to sub-grant funds received for a specific project. These RFPs will seek:

  • providers of products or services required for a specific CDC Foundation program with CDC, or
  • eligible nonprofit or governmental organizations that wish to participate in a CDC Foundation program addressing a specific health issue.
  • a consultant/independent contractor (i.e. a sole proprietor, company, nonprofit, etc.) whose services are retained for a specified activity/project during a set time frame. The consultant/independent contractor works independently and is paid according to the terms of their written agreement with the Foundation. The consultant/independent contractor is not an employee of the CDC Foundation.

The following requests are currently open:

Enhancing Capacity for Community-Serving Organizations to Support HIV Self-Testing Programs RFP

The CDC Foundation was awarded a federal grant to work on the Enhancing Community Capacity to Support HIV Self-Testing Programs (HIVST) in partnership with CDC’s Division of HIV Prevention. The goal of this RFP is to expand the reach and impact of HIV Self-Testing programs in the United States by building the capacity of community-serving organizations (CSOs) focused on populations most affected by HIV. The CDC Foundation will fund CSOs located throughout the United States. Eligible CSOs are organizations that wish to implement a new HIVST program or expand an existing HIVST program and that have a history of serving vulnerable populations affected by HIV. Entities may include faith-based organizations, community health clinics/Federally Qualified Health Centers, immigrant/migrant support or advocacy organizations, community organizing/mobilization organizations, community coalitions/networking/partnership organizations, social service organizations, AIDS service organizations and syringe service programs. The CDC Foundation is partnering with Community Education Group, a regional HIV prevention-focused organization to provide technical assistance, capacity-building support and discounted bulk HIV self-tests kits for CSOs funded under this project.

View the Enhancing Capacity for Community-Serving Organizations to Support HIV Self-Testing Programs RFP

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Response Due Date: Monday, June 6, 2022, 12:00 p.m. EST

Contact: [email protected]

Overdose Response Strategy Health Equity Consultant RFQ

The Overdose Response Strategy program is seeking a consultant with subject matter expertise in health equity to provide technical assistance related to health equity, social determinants of health and health disparities to increase the program’s capacity to advance health equity in local overdose prevention and response efforts.

View the Overdose Response Strategy Health Equity Consultant RFQ

Response Due Date: May 25, 2022

Contact: Audi Lahijani, [email protected]

National Hypertension Control Roundtable RFQ

Through support from CDC, the CDC Foundation and National Association of Chronic Disease Directors formed a strong partnership to support the National Hypertension Control Roundtable (NHCR). Through this Request for Quotes (RFQ), the CDC Foundation is soliciting proposals for a consultant to develop a bold, clear, memorable, and easily repeated story for the work that Roundtable is doing. The consultant will be engaged to deliver materials that help the NHCR to speak concisely about what it is doing, why it matters, and clearly summarize the action steps needed from members to enact change.

View the National Hypertension Control Roundtable RFQ

Date Response Due: May 20, 2022

Contact: Rachel Ferencik, [email protected]


Please note that the CDC Foundation is not a traditional grantmaking foundation. We are not an endowed foundation, and we do not accept or respond to unsolicited proposals.

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