Share Your Thoughts with NVHR for World Hepatitis Day!

Hi fellow advocates,


World Hepatitis Day is on July 28th and the theme is Hepatitis Can’t Wait. NVHR is collecting statements from advocates to share why we can’t wait – for increased viral hepatitis funding, for sound harm reduction policies, and for advancement of health equity. If you are willing, we encourage you to share your thoughts about why you can’t wait for an end to viral hepatitis. We’ve included a few short prompts below that you can fill out to share your perspective. Or, submit your own statement!


I can’t wait for increased viral hepatitis [choose one: funding/testing/treatment/health equity] because: ______________________________________________________________


Hepatitis can’t wait because: ______________________________________________________________


World Hepatitis Day is important to me because: ______________________________________________________________


Your Name (if you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know): ______________________________________________________________


Preferred Pronouns: ____________________________________________


Please reply to [email protected] with your response, and a photo of yourself (if you feel comfortable), by Wednesday, July 20. We plan to share advocate responses in our upcoming newsletters and on social media.


Thank you for your continued work – your voice is critical in the effort to eliminate viral hepatitis.



Robin Lord Smith





Robin Lord Smith (she/her)

Community Engagement Coordinator, National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (a program of HEP)

Floyd, VA | e. [email protected] | c. (443) 603-2622