Top 5 FAQs – Nurse Faculty Loan Program


Top 5 FAQs – Nurse Faculty Loan Program


Q1. Does the Academic Institution need to be in a “rural/underserved” area to qualify for NFLP funding?

  1. No. Your academic institution does need to be in a rural or underserved area to qualify for NFLP funding.

Q2. How many years can an advanced nursing education student receive NFLP loan support?

  1. There is no duration limitation for loan support for NFLP borrowers. NFLP borrowers can receive funding to cover their entire course of study to become nurse faculty without any loan support duration limit.

Q3. We are a current NFLP awardee and still have funds remaining/available. Can we submit for additional funding?

  1. NFLP funds are awarded for a one-year project period. Therefore, previous NFLP award recipients should apply for NFLP funds ONLY when additional funds are needed to provide loan support to students. Previous award recipients will need to determine the amount of funding needed to support their continuing and new students receiving NFLP support.

Q4. What should be included in the “Maintenance of Effort” section of the application?

  1. The Maintenance of Effort (MOE) is based on the institutional capital contribution (ICC) contributed to the prior fiscal year and the estimated ICC amount for the next fiscal year. The MOE amount is calculated as one-ninth of the Federal Capital Contribution award being requested through the current application, also known as the ICC.
  • For FY2022 non-federal expenditures (actual), applicants that are “New” or did not receive an award for FY2022 should indicate $0, while FY22 award recipients should indicate the actual institutional contribution deposited in the student loan fund.
  • For the FY2023 expenditures (estimate) non-federal expenditures, new applicants and previous recipients should indicate the estimated FY2023 institutional contribution based of the Federal funds requested in the application.

Q5. Can schools of nursing under the same umbrella apply together in one region of the state?

  1. No. Multiple applications from an organization are not allowed. An organization is an entity with its own Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). Applicants can submit only one application per campus. A campus is defined as a division of a university that has the same name yet has a separate UEI and is separate with its own grounds, buildings (such as a school of nursing), and faculty.


More questions? 

Check out the full list of FAQs and the Technical Assistance Webinar recording.

 The application deadline is May 1, 2023.

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