Webinar: Treating Autistic Patients and Oral Health During Pregnancy

Webinar: Strategies for Treating Autistic Individuals



How can dental providers address the challenges of providing oral health care to autistic individuals and create an inclusive and supportive care environment? During National Autism Awareness Month, join CareQuest Institute and the May Institute, a nonprofit organization that provides educational, rehabilitative, and behavioral health care services to children and adults with autism, for a webinar on Thursday, April 27 at 7 p.m. ET. Our expert panel will provide an overview of autism and neurodivergence, discuss some of the challenges present in dentistry, and offer proven strategies for providing oral care to autistic patients.


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The Value of Dental Benefits During Pregnancy 


About 60–75% of pregnant people experience oral health issues that raise the likelihood of poor birth outcomes and major complications, according to a report from CareQuest Institute. The report, “The Role of Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits During Pregnancy and Postpartum,” explains the importance of oral health during pregnancy and postpartum and discusses barriers many pregnant people face to accessing oral health care. The report also recommends four specific actions state and federal policymakers can take to address those barriers.


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Webinar: Reducing Root Decay in Older Adults


As older adults face a higher risk of root decay due to medication, health conditions, poor diet, and inadequate oral hygiene, the need for accessible oral health services and caregiver education has never been more critical. Join CareQuest Institute and the American Academy of Oral Surgery for a webinar — part of the Healthy People 2030 series — on Wednesday, May 3 at 7 p.m. ET that will explore various treatments, surgical techniques, and technologies that dental providers can use to prevent and treat root decay. 

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How Many Adults Will Lose Medicaid Dental Benefits?

About 14.2 million people, or 28% of adults currently enrolled in Medicaid, are expected to lose their dental health coverage after the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency. NBC News highlighted this data from CareQuest Institute, exploring which states face the biggest drops in coverage.


Medicaid Expansion Can Improve Care for Black Mothers

“It’s clear that bold action is needed to address the root causes of such preventable, negative maternal health outcomes suffered by Black women,” writes CareQuest Institute CEO and President Myechia Minter-Jordan, MD, MBA, in a recent article in The Root. “One important step to help solve the problem? Expanding Medicaid.” Read more about the systemic changes we need to create better health outcomes for Black mothers.

Apply to Be in the Next Cohort of Oral Health Innovators

Applications are open until May 5 for SMILE Health — a program from CareQuest Innovation Partners and MATTER for early-stage startups that may have a solution for oral health and health equity advancement. (CareQuest Innovation Partners is a for-profit subsidiary of CareQuest Institute.) Companies selected for the program will benefit from an in-depth curriculum, access to top-tier experts, access to data and customized validation studies, and a $10,000 stipend.

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