St. George Medical Clinic To Host Patient Appreciation Event

St. George Medical Clinic Celebrates Patient Appreciation Day on Aug. 10


GEORGE, W.VA. — In honor of National Health Center Week, the St. George Medical Clinic will celebrate Patient Appreciation Day at its two health center locations.

The event will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 10, in Parsons (8591 Holly Meadows Road) and Canaan Valley (6368 Appalachian Highway). Food trucks will be at each facility, and attendees can pick up information about healthcare services offered, talk with healthcare professionals, and take a tour of the facilities.

Paul Wamsley, CEO of St. George Medical Clinic, invited patients, local county and city public officials, and business owners to attend.

“We are proud to join other health centers from West Virginia and around the nation to celebrate National Health Center Week,” Wamsley said. “The goal of the week is to raise awareness about St. George Medical Clinic’s mission and increase awareness of how the health centers are providing affordable quality and comprehensive healthcare in our communities.”

Nationwide, health centers provide preventive and primary healthcare services to over 30 million people and are the first to respond with wrap-around care during disasters and health emergencies. The model of care is driven by services needed in each unique community.

“Community Health Centers are not just healers; we are innovators who look beyond medical records to address the factors that may cause poor health, such as hypertension, diabetes, substance use, and mental illness,” Wamsley said. “We are a critical piece of the healthcare system and work to improve health outcomes for medically vulnerable people. National Health Center Week is an opportunity to highlight this commitment and passion of our staff and supporters who make it possible for our medical clinics to provide quality, comprehensive healthcare services to our patients.”

Most insurances cover visits to the St. George Clinic’s facilities. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, St. George Medical Clinic offers a sliding-fee scale (financial assistance) to uninsured or underinsured patients and to insured patients who meet the income guidelines.

“As a community health center, we strive to provide access to quality healthcare for anyone,” Wamsley said. “The sliding-fee scale allows the health center locations the flexibility to waive or lower the fee for their medical services. I am proud of the efforts put forth by our dedicated employees who fulfill our mission daily.”

In addition to the two health centers, the St. George Medical Clinics operates several other health facilities in the area: St. George Clinic Pharmacy (221 Pennsylvania Ave., Parsons), St. George Dental Clinic (65 Crestview Drive, Hambleton), St. George School-Based Clinic (138 Crestview Drive, Hambleton), and St. George Canaan Valley Pharmacy (6368 Appalachian Drive, Davis).

St. George Medical Clinic is a non-profit organization. For more information or to schedule an appointment or to order a prescription, visit or call 304-478-3339 (Main Clinic), 304-478-6000 (School-based Health Clinic and Dental), 681-435-0011 (Canaan Valley Clinic), and 304-478-3355 (Pharmacy).



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