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WVRHA Committees

Want to become more involved in the WVRHA? Want to have your voice heard? Join one of our committees! If you are interested in joining any of the committees below, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

WVRHA has open membership to the following committees:

Diversity and Inclusion

The WVRHA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is a made up of a strong group of individuals who are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in rural health, recruiting students from diverse backgrounds to the healthcare field, and providing education around diversity and inclusion.
This dedicated group meets monthly via Zoom.

Policy Committee

The WVRHA Policy Committee is a group that focuses on advocacy within WV and beyond. This group is always on the fore-front of policy within our state. This committee works to develop the policy stance that our organization supports. Participation in this committee will give you a more powerful voice to advocate for rural health.
This group meets monthly via Zoom.

External Affairs

The WVRHA Committee on External Affairs consists of a group of people who want to see our membership grow and diversify. This dedicated group consists of individuals from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Are you interested in helping our grassroots membership flourish? Then the External Affairs Committee is right for you.
This dedicated group meets semi-monthly via Zoom.

Annual Conference Planning Committee

The WVRHA Conference Planning Committee is the group that helps to plan the theme and content for our annual conference. Committee members are involved in award selection, reviewing posters, and reviewing presentation proposals. This dynamic committee is integral to the success of our annual conference.
This group meets monthly via Zoom.

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