Thank you to our sponsors

We are grateful for the support of all our partners, who are committed to improving the quality of health and healthcare across WV. Together we are making a difference across the state in the lives of so many. West Virginia Rural Health Association continues to fulfill our mission to strengthen rural health in West Virginia.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Gilead for their contributions to help improve health in rural WV. This partnership helps fulfill both the missions of WVRHA and Gilead’s own,

“…to transform the promise of science and technology into the power to cure, prevent or treat disease and revolutionize the standard of care….”

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Abbvie for their support and contributions to WVHAMP. One of their founding principals is “transforming lives.”

With their support for the WVHAMP program they have become a big part in transforming the lives of those in rural WV.

“One of the most important roles we play in the state is serving as the voice of osteopathic physicians with the state legislature. We play a vital role in influencing health legislation and improving the quality of care in West Virginia.”