strategic plan

Desired Outcome

The West Virginia Rural Health Association will unite champions for rural health across West Virginia and collectively voice the needs and interests of West Virginia’s patients.

Strategies and Objectives

Expand and Enhance WVRHA Programs

The WV Health Data Portal will be the preferred data source for parties interested in rural health. WV Rural Health will be a high priority agenda for WV legislators.

Develop a High-Functioning Board

WVRHA will have an active Governance Committee.

Ensure Our Human Resources Are Fully Equipped

WVRHA will have right sized staff, plus appropriate contractors. We will have a comprehensive policy and procedure manual along with an active Personnel Committee. WVRHA will have a succession plan.

Enhance Marketing and Finance the Future of WVRHA

WVRHA will have a comprehensive brand strategy that is active in the marketplace. WVRHA will create sustainable revenue sources and increase operating funds.

For more information about the WVRHA and our plans for the future, contact Richard Sutphin at [email protected]

Approved by the WVRHA Board of Directors October 8, 2018