Student Memberships

INSTITUTION- Student Chapter

The mission of the West Virginia Rural Health Association is to unite people,
communities and organizations to strengthen rural health in West Virginia.

The WVRHA is a non-profit, grassroots, member-driven organization. WVRHA’s
membership includes a variety of people and organizations that are interested in the health of
rural West Virginians. The WVRHA membership works together to identify health care
concerns of rural West Virginians and to find ways to improve services in our communities.
Members will focus on developing the WVRHA as a resource in rural health issues for legislative/policy makers, community leaders and healthcare providers. The WVRHA assists policy makers to understand the problems that rural communities face with regard to healthcare.

All WVRHA Student Members will receive the following benefits:

  • Receive quarterly e-newsletters with information about WVRHA’s activities, useful websites, legislative updates, grants and scholarship announcements.
  • Automatically become an Associate Member of the National Rural Health Association
  • Attend educational webinars, conferences, forums, and workshops regarding rural health issues
  • Access links to state and national resources
  • Apply for a full scholarship to attend the annual WV Rural Health Conference
  • Participation in WVRHA’s Annual Rural Workforce Day at the Legislature
  • Access to the WV Rural Health Portal
  • Develop a student chapter at their campus if not already established
  • Participate in any student chapter event
  • Run for a WVRHA Board of Directors Position
  • Student members have one vote in the annual election of WVRHA Board members
  • Become an intern for WVRHA

Students will have a chance to:

  • View how WVRHA works to change rural health policy at the state and national legislative levels to improve the health of rural West Virginians
  • Learn how WVRHA collaborates with a variety of partners to assist rural communities in improving their health and well being
  • Upgrade their membership in WVRHA as a professional after graduation
  • Use WVRHA as a reference for students wishing to participate and volunteer in their communities

Cost is $10.00 per year


WVRHA Application for Membership
Payment Information Form

For questions or more information, please call 304-890-7017.  Completed forms may be submitted to:

West Virginia Rural Health Association
P.O. Box 2073
Shady Spring, WV 25918